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Equipment flow

Our Flow Equipment Management is designed to support and automate lean techniques and provides visibility into the tracking and location of people and equipment. Besides, the solution optimizes the flow of the equipment with real-time data, allowing you to configure a workflow based on metrics from a time and motion study using the Goal Analysis Toolset. Material Flow leverages communication networks across multiple facilities or within a single location to support the management of the industrial equipment.

Packaging process

Packaging process

We support customized product Logos and packaging, welcome to customize, please tell us the logo picture and color you want, we can help you design the great options for you, welcome to choose us!

Production line
♥ Instructions : 

Step 1: After cleaning the face, use hot towels or steam to open the pores for 5 minutes. Step

 2: Depending on your need to select the most appropriate suction head, and start from the slowest sucker levels. Step

 3: Moving around the pores, do not maintain the same position for more than two seconds recommend the whole process over 5 minutes. 

 4: After washing the face portion, use a metalhead to massage your face

Production Team

Production technology of blackhead remover instrument. We aim to win customers' trust by providing high-quality products and professional services. we will bring you a win-win special business experience and we are looking forward to entering into long-term business cooperation relations.

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