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Facial massager

Multi-function Contour Vibrating Anti Aging Face Massage Wireless Eye Massager Eyes Massage Tool
Portable and Elegant Appearance:Bionic finger tip massage head design, more fit the skin, help to guide the essence of eye cream,protective cap avoid massage head scratched.Model:Blue Light (Calm the skin Against Black Eye acne Skin), Red Light (Gentle Care Red Light Aid). This eye wrinkle massager does not only act on the eye, but on the cheeks, forehead, lips and nose muscles massage as well.Power switch design:Sensor switch touch, hidden design, more simple appearance, more beautiful.EMS + High-frequency micro vibration + heat function duration of use:Rejuvenate eye skin,skin care faster,skin tightening,EMS micro current lifts skin,constant temperature hot compress,activate the circulation around the eyes and remove the bags.
IFINE beauty best selling electronic pulse roller massager
Electronic pulse massager is high-technology electronic products.According to TCM Meridian Theroy and modren bio engineering technology combined research made,Ten strong and weak modes and nine electric pulse modes it uses the rules of sphere reasonable ergonomic design,can be in the surface of human skin to skin and move flexibly.
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