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Ultrasonic Facial Peeling Skin Scrubber Professional Pore Cleansing Machine
 Highly recommend using this after the shower or after steaming your face to open the pores. It scrapes away dead skin and also gets blackheads and pimples out.Use this product daily, and within a month you will notice a significant glow and smoothing of your acne and rough skin. The tone is brighter, the skin firmer, under your eyes is tighter and less dark.
EMS Facial Massager Microcurrent Face Lift Machine Roller Skin Tightening Rejuvenation Beauty WR-01
Microcurrent technology is one of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry and is widely used in top spas and medical offices for facial toning, tightening, and firming of aging skin. A low-level current that typically operates in the range of 0-400 microamps, which is a safe and effective technology for clients who wish to attain and maintain a healthier, younger-looking appearance.
Production line
♥ Instructions : Step 1: After cleaning the face, use hot towels or steam to open the pores for 5 minutes. Step 2: Depending on your need to select the most appropriate suction head, and start from the slowest sucker levels. Step 3: Moving around the pores, do not maintain the same position for more than two seconds recommend the whole process over 5 minutes.  4: After washing the face portion, use a metalhead to massage your face
Factory people in trainning
Factory people in training, the top employees of IFINE Beauty, got together to learn how to make the company better and better and bring the best to customers.Everyone was very serious about it, we all promised to develop better products and bring the most satisfactory service to customers, What a day full of knowledge!
Time Control Mini DIY Facial Mask Maker Machine
Our Newest mini facial mask machine with time control, uses magnetic stirring technology to extract nutrients from natural fruits and vegetables, deeply replenish the moisture, vitamins, and collagen needed by facial skin, making skin more elastic You can make a DIY facial mask at home. You just need to put the fruit, water, nutrient solution, and facial mask capsules into the mix, then pour it into the mask plate to form and then use it. Add your favorite fruits and vegetables, which are natural and safe.
Warm Mist Spray Nano Face Spa Steamer
Use the product moisturizing skin before make-up; the moist will penetrate pores, making the makeup more stable and long-lasting. It can be used anywhere at any time, to rapidly supplement water loss, make the skin moisturized.   
New Essenlite Derma Micro Needling Pen For Skin Wrinkle Removal Facial Massage Micro Needle Fractional Rf Q1
Pre-use check1.Check the needle cartridge package, do not use if it is broken2.Check the cartridge connection part, to see if it is blocked3.Assemble the adapter  or directly use the battery type,  and needle cartridge, take off the needle cartridge cap, start the pen to check If every speed level functions well4.If everything is fine, cover the cartridge cap, and standby for use
IFINE Beauty Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner And Dryer Two Way Rotating Spinner For Makeup Brushes Set
♥ Deeply Cleaning and Healthy SkinThis cleaner tool can depth clean makeup brushes, to remove cosmetics residue.♥ No Harm to BrushKeep your brushes always in perfect form. Extends the life of your brushes by keeping them clean and soft. Saving your time and money.♥ 8 Kinds of Different Brush Collars8 different sizes to fit different brushes, suitable for 95% of makeup brushes in the market. which means you can clean many brush sets.♥ More Healthy Beauty WaySay goodbye to wash brush with hand. Fast clean and dry your brush in 1 minute with electric makeup brush cleaner, neatest.
IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Home Use Portable Electric Epilator AI08
The IPL Hair Removal System for Women has an ice function, which can be used in automatic and manual modes to cool down, does not burn, and is very friendly to sensitive skin. Even in summer, you can quickly and effectively remove hair permanently at home, both cool and painless. 
Green Tea Oil Control Cleansing Solid Mask
The Green Tea Solid cleansing face contains green tea extract, which can effectively clean the skin pores, deeply clean up skin dirt, adjust the skin's water and oil balance, replenish skin moisture, and nourish the skin.
IF-830 Blackhead Remover Deep Cleansing Vacuum Facial Pore Cleaner Device Machine
Blackhead Remover Vacuum-Facial Skin Pore Cleanser Comedone Acne Extractor, Hot and Cold facial Massage Vibration Firming Care. Electric Blackhead Removal Suction Tool With LCD Display.Skin suction remover is a beautiful instrument that suctions blackhead, whitehead, cleans pores, absorbs grease and acne. 
DIY Face Mask Machine Cosmetic Multi-function 100% Natural Fruit Vegetable HB-827
natural fruit and vegetable facial mask machine, no preservatives, no lead, no mercury, or other irritating substances. Super Safe and Healthy, absorb faster, better for skin; Private custom, making masks depend on your skin, DIY various kinds of the facial mask by pouring the juice of the fruit and vegetable.
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