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Hot spray facial steamer

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IFINE Beauty is developed by the in-house R&D team who always keeps up with the times in the LED lighting industry. They have made great efforts to invent different LED chips that can emit pure and effective illumination. .
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USB Rechargeable Creative Cordless Hand-held Warm Facial steamer
IFINE Beauty has newly launched a hand-held face steamer with its own patent. The biggest advantage is that it is wirelessly hand-held, and the hot mist is sprayed out.Enjoy your SPA not only at home but also at Travel
Difference Between Two Kinds Of DIY Fruit Facial Mask Maker Machine
Between Two Kinds Of DIY Fruit Facial Mask Maker Machine also has some difference1.Difference in appearance and size2.Different power supply modes3.Difference process4.mask plate is different, small one is silicone, the bigger one is plastic5......
Warm Mist Spray Nano Face Spa Steamer
Use the product moisturizing skin before make-up; the moist will penetrate pores, making the makeup more stable and long-lasting. It can be used anywhere at any time, to rapidly supplement water loss, make the skin moisturized.   
100% Natural Rose Quartz Roller And Guasha
Our rose quartz face roller gives you envy-inducing, head-turning skin by improving circulation and pushing toxins through your lymphatic system, the facial roller helps to promote collagen growth and gives your skin a youthful glow. And here is a pro tip, when left in the fridge overnight, rose quartz retains a coolness that helps reduce swelling helping you feel centered after a hectic day. We Stand Behind Our Customers And Products: Experience the benefits of our Rose Quartz roller for yourself. If you are not delighted, our highly trained team will assist you to find a solution.
Face Massage Wireless Eye Massager Tool Multi-function Contour Vibrating Anti Aging  LR-507
Facial massager LR-507 Min High-frequency vibration, comfortable thermal care massage head maintain temperature 45℃±5℃, which can be effectively penetrated, eliminate eye bags, reduce fine lines & eye wrinkles, comfortable massage, reduce puffiness & dark circles, promote the blood circulation around the eyes to minimize the appearance of fatigue, eliminate the fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. 
Equipment flow
Our Flow Equipment Management is designed to support and automate lean techniques and provides visibility into the tracking and location of people and equipment. Besides, the solution optimizes the flow of the equipment with real-time data, allowing you to configure a workflow based on metrics from a time and motion study using the Goal Analysis Toolset. Material Flow leverages communication networks across multiple facilities or within a single location to support the management of the industrial equipment.
24K Gold Facial Slimming Face Beauty Bar
Face Machine Massager Bar 24K gold waterproof electric beauty bar "massage for one minute is equivalent to 6,000 times of artificial massage, which can effectively eliminate the face proud flesh, and improve the facial contour for 10 minutes.
Beauty Mini DIY Face Mask Machine
Beauty equipment blender DIY fruit face mask machine for beauty face cream and a sleep maskBeauty Multi-function 100% Natural Fruit Vegetable DIY Face Mask MachineGood quality DIY automatic face mask making machine used for fruit and vegetableNatural skincare cosmetic makeup tool DIY facial mask mini silicone folding plate facial mask making machineBest selling beauty equipment household mini DIY facial mask maker with fruit juice
You never find out USB Rechargeable Hot Spray Facial steamer before than here
Since 2019, IFINE beauty team studied market and decided an idea, we IFINE beauty must create a new facial steamer, which is cordless, Hot steam, and easy to carry.  it sounds easy, but change it to reality is not easy, because current heated hot steamer,all need power voltage: 110v, or 230V, which must need power plug.  current hand-held nano sprayer cann't produce warm steam. even you inject the hot water, but pass through the atomizer plate, it turns to cold again.
Production line
♥ Instructions : Step 1: After cleaning the face, use hot towels or steam to open the pores for 5 minutes. Step 2: Depending on your need to select the most appropriate suction head, and start from the slowest sucker levels. Step 3: Moving around the pores, do not maintain the same position for more than two seconds recommend the whole process over 5 minutes.  4: After washing the face portion, use a metalhead to massage your face
Facial Mask Machine pattern making Petals scent mask HB-827
People who live in humid areas will love this product because it will not get rust even it frequently contacts moisture.1.Hundreds of mask blossoms do, natural2.Five minutes production time3.Microcomputer intelligent control, automatic mixing, automatic molding, automatic cleaning4.The self-cleaning, UV disinfection5.ABS-Body mask plate, folding rejected6.A key switch, easy to operate7.Natural whitening, absorb faster, better
Most Effective New Professional Blackhead Removal
Hot Cooling skincare treatment Blackhead Vacuum Suction remover 3 in 1 multi-function beauty equipmentBlackhead Remover Vacuum-Facial Skin Pore Cleanser Comedone Acne Extractor, Hot and Cold facial Massage Vibration Firming Care. Electric Blackhead Removal Suction Tool With LCD Display.
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