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Small antler RF beauty device Supplier & manufacturers | IFINE Beauty

Small antler RF beauty device Supplier & manufacturers | IFINE Beauty

  1. 1、Created by a top domestic designer, the deer has a super cute look, which is small and exquisite to hold with one hand, and is a new cute pet against the age.

    2、3D rotating massage head, imitating human hands 3D massage, enjoy the treatment of a private masseur.

3、Two modes, three gears; three massage gears, three EMS+RF+ massage three-in-one gears, to meet the needs of different groups of people.

4、Five color light beauty skin and anti-age black technology: red light activates the skin to repair skin cells, yellow light whitens and brightens the complexion, blue light calms and reduces inflammation and repairs acne skin, multi-functions of color light combination mode to care for the skin, color flash mode Progressive skin rejuvenation is suitable for sensitive skin.

5、The EMS micro-current promotes muscle movement and pulls upwards to create a face; raises the mandible line, plumping the apple muscles and firming the face. Improve elasticity and brighten skin. Use electric current to exercise the whole face muscles.RF radio frequency wave enhances skin elasticity and brightens the skin; warms the skin from the inside to accelerate blood circulation, enhance cell metabolism, and fade dry lines and fine lines. Smooth out the traces of time.



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1.What is your production capacity per month and the shortest lead time?
About 300,000 sets per month in shortest lead time 30 days, depends on different models.
2.What kind of process has contained in your company’s quality inspection?
Our company have multiple quality inspection processes, including incoming material inspection, Semi-finished products detection, process inspection, finished products inspection, reliability testing, sampling inspection before shipment etc. All critical materials are 100 % fully inspected.
3.Do your company accept OEM & ODM services?
Yes, we do. IFINE Beauty has over 10 years OEM & ODM experience.


1.Professional export experience
2.High quality control
3.Excellent warranty
4.Strong R&D

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Shenzhen IFINE Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2011. IFINE is a renowned enterprise with Personal Healthy and Beauty Skin Care as its core business and Mission,providing comprehensive services in Beauty Care to global personal and family users. All products comes with technical reports and certificates as CE,FCC ,Rohs ,IEC and etc. At present, upholding the concept of User First, Service First and product first, IFINE techniques and products have been widely applied by more than 30 countries and regions. Excellent quality and professional service make IFINE products welcomed by procurer in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East, Japan, South Korea and other country. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with IFINE to spark human life more beauty and healthier.

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