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New Essenlite Derma Micro Needling Pen For Skin Wrinkle Removal Facial Massage Micro Needle Fractional Rf Q1

New Essenlite Derma Micro Needling Pen For Skin Wrinkle Removal Facial Massage Micro Needle Fractional Rf Q1

Pre-use check

1.Check the needle cartridge package, do not use if it is broken

2.Check the cartridge connection part, to see if it is blocked

3.Assemble the adapter  or directly use the battery type,  and needle cartridge, take off the needle cartridge cap, start the pen to check If every speed level functions well

4.If everything is finecover the cartridge cap, and standby for use



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Essenlite Pen â is an electronic device in the form of a pen that allows performing the technique of microneedle and is characterized to present some advantages:

· It is portable equipment, with adaptor drives and battery drives (wireless station) ways

· It has an intensity circuit in the pen itself that provides agility in the procedure.

· It has speed control and needle size, adjusting the needed length for the procedure.

· AC110V- 240V power supply to the adaptor, with lithium battery inside.

· Two types of use, battery drives, or adaptor drives, when using adaptor drives, same time to charge the battery.

· Pen designed exclusively for the professional, as it offers ergonomic, light, and practical design to carry out the procedures.

How to operate Essenlite  Penâ

1. Adapter

(1) Plug DC adapter into the jack

(2) Plug DC adapter into the AC outlet

When connecting the adaptor, the PCBA board light will turn red to charge the battery, at the same time if turn on the pen, the green light will flash with a different frequency.

Speed and needle length adjustment

(1) ON/OFF

Press the button 3seconds to turn ON/ OFF the pen


(2) Speed control

Press the button for seconds, the pen will start, press the button again, the speed will add from lowest level to the highest level, the speed cycles low-high-low-high.

The flicker frequency of the light faster, the speed higher.


(3) Needle length adjustment

Adjust the needle length by turning the adjustment ring clockwise or counterclockwise. Needle length will be longer, when clockwise; shorter when counterclockwise.

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