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  • The IPL Hair Removal System for Women has an ice function, which can be used in automatic and manual modes to cool down, does not burn, and is very friendly to sensitive skin. Even in summer, you can quickly and effectively remove hair permanently at home, both cool and painless.


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The feature of hair removal

1. Adjustable automatic continuous light output mode 

2. Freezing point painless 

3. 3 functions, 9 gears 

4. Easy to handle 

5. Quartz lamp 

6. LED displays the number and gear

7. Switchable hair removal, rejuvenation, and acne elimination function

8. Two for each other 

9. Touch button + mechanical button

Small and stylish Portable Safe without side effects, painless. Inhibits hair regeneration. 600,000 shot/pulse. Quartz wick, long
life, Replaceable flash cartridges. Suitable for: armpits, legs, bikini area, face, leg body, chin, chest, back Suitable for: women or men It
has every country plug, the voltage is worldwide compatible. Long power cord.

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+86 13691893928
+86 136 9189 3928
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