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Microneedle Pen as an at-home, salon skin treatment can help to improve the tone and texture of your skin by leaving it rejuvenated and overall brighter in appearance. Tiny titanium needles penetrate the surface of the skin creating micro-channels, which encourage absorption and effectiveness of serums and elixirs to the outer dermal layer by up to 40-80%. Preparation:

1. Sanitize or wash your hands clean before starting the procedure2 Install the device then adjust to the proper needle length and speed.

4.Wash your face thoroughly and use a cotton pad to dry excess moisture.

5.Apply serum to your face.



1.Start in one area of the face gently stamp then move 6-8 times horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Move upwards, lift the device(don't drag), and repeat.

2.Continue to the next area until the entire face has been treated

3.This process should not be rushed, be mindful to avoid the under-eye area and applying too much pressure.

4.Face rolling should be done at night, about 1 hour before sleep.

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