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Difference Between Two Kinds Of DIY Fruit Facial Mask Maker Machine

Difference Between Two Kinds Of DIY Fruit Facial Mask Maker Machine

Between Two Kinds Of DIY Fruit Facial Mask Maker Machine also has some difference
1.Difference in appearance and size
2.Different power supply modes
3.Difference process
4.mask plate is different, small one is silicone, the bigger one is plastic




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1. Natural fruit and vegetable facial mask machine, no preservatives, no lead, no mercury, or other irritating substances. Super Safe and Healthy, absorb faster, better for skin; Private custom, making masks depend on your skin, DIY various kinds of the facial mask by pouring the juice of the fruit and vegetable, or tea, milk, soybean milk, honey, beer, and red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers, eggs, etc.

2. The mask will be formed evenly automatically on the silicone mask tray by only pouring the liquid, no need for a paper mask, and no need to have a spoon to shape it. Ensure the mask be more perfect and better fit the facskinQuiet, automatic, easy to operate, only one power button to control all the programs, Economy, and convenient way to do a safe facial beauty at home. Detailed operation steps please according to the instructions.

3. Easy to clean. If you add the same fruit, you can use it continuously without cleaning the item; if not the different
fruit, you can pour water to press the right button to clean it. You don’t need to open the machine or wait for the water to cool off to wash it. Just Operate by pressing the button in a convenient, time-saving, energy-saving way.

4. Please note the product is not including the juice squeezing function, please prepare 20ml juice before making the mask, and mix the juice with the over 85-degree temperature water in proportion according to the instructions.

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