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Nano Ion Hot Steam Portable Facial Steamer For Face Eye

Nano Ion Hot Steam Portable Facial Steamer For Face Eye

The Portable and rechargeable facial Steamer is a new technology steamer that generates nano ionic steam. Handheld steamer does this by the original patented structural design, perfectly combining the ultrasonic atomization element with the newly designed ceramic heating element to produce nano ionic steam with negatively charged ionic particles. steam combined with ionic water particles is more effective in penetrating the skin.



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Description of LR-06 Cordless Warm Nano Ionic Facial Steamer With Light

♥  Nano Ionics Professional Steamer

New technology combined with Nano-ionic steam can penetrate and moisturize your skin 10 times more effectively and improve cell vitality.
You can enjoy professional facial SPA at home and also in travel...

♥ Ionic Facial Steamer for all Skin Types

An anionic facial steamer is perfect for all skin types. It clarifies skin's complexion, offers better blood circulation, makes skin more receptive to skincare treatments resulting in a more moisturized and softer appearance. 

♥ Easy Operation And Auto Shut-off 

30ml water tank and 5 mins Auto Shut of to protect circuit

And the Steamer will AUTO-OFF when the steam is finished preventing any injury and safe for your beauty routine as well..

Cautions of Innovation Model LR-06 Hand-Held Cordless Wireless Warm Steamer
  •   The machine will power off automatically after 3-4 minutes;

  •   Don't put the machine in the water; Pls keep the water tank empty if don't use it for long days.

  •   Don't cover the back side top 2 air inlets during steaming; 

  • ◪  If the fog is very small or no fog, pls shake the water in the tank upside down 3-5 times;

  • ◪ Suggest using the machine maximum of 8 minutes (2 times) constantly. to protect the machine better

  •  After turning off the machine, pls shake out the residual water droplets in the outlet and inlets.

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